Mr. Toney is a Senior Development Programmer Analyst. He has a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Technology and a Master of Science (MS) in Information Systems. He is versed in Full Stack Development, Data Analytic Programming, and Process Automation.

I know how critical education was for me being afforded some of the opportunities that I had!

Throughout the conversation, we exchanged information regarding the field of Information Technology (IT) and means of navigating through the field via certifications and other acquired skill sets. We discussed ways to overcome financial barriers utilizing free and low-cost educational solutions online. Here are some of the training resources discussed during the interview…

As a family man with 5 children (to date), Mr. Toney shared a bit of his daily routine. This included ways to get mentally prepared for the workday, being present for his kids, and supporting his wife. We also discussed his upbringing and various barriers he faced. As the interview concluded, Mr. Toney left encouraging words for young people…

Pursue what’s inside of you. Don’t be hindered or limited by your surroundings. It’s a perspective issue.

Aside from being a hard worker and dedicated family man, Mr. Toney alongside his wife are also entrepreneurs. Please check out their sites and support Black Businesses!

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