I grew up in the inner city, and many of us young black men didn’t see viable options for success. We also didn’t have a ton of role models that laid a blueprint for us. As I became an adult with my children, I started to realize how many paths people could take to interesting and fulfilling careers to support their families. I wished that I had a mentor to share these life lessons with me when I was younger, however, this information was typically not disseminated within communities like mine growing up due to varying socioeconomic barriers.

I’ve been lucky enough to witness several classes of my former athletes graduate high school. They all wrestled with the three viable paths most youth people are faced with (1) funding and attending college, (2) entering the workforce and attending college/trade school part-time, or (3) enlisting into the military. No matter what path they chose, there was a need for guidance so they could make wise decisions and navigate efficiently. This birthed my mentoring program, and years later spearheaded the Dr. J Interviews podcast.

Every other Tuesday, the Dr. J Interviews podcast will bring you interviews of good black men from different walks of life. We not only discuss their career but dive into their past with transparency to see what choices, both good and bad, were made and how overcame them. The result is a collection of candid conversations that will show our younger men there are varying paths to success and ways to overcome obstacles. I intend that this not only be useful to our young men but also those amid a career change!

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