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Ep11. A Convo with Dr. Ledet

Ep11. A convo with Dr. Ledet. We had a great conversation, which included his incredibly inspiring story of going from security guard to doctor at the same hospital, the popular viral photo and story behind The 15 Whitecoats, resilience, Black Love, fatherhood, and the importance of maintaining healthy relationships.

Ep10. A convo with Chef Wilder

E10. This interview was conducted with the popular foodie, blogger, consultant & social media influencer Chef Wilder of @EyesOfAFoodie. The former MasterChef S10 contestant discussed the source of his creativity, various obstacles he had to overcome, and how his faith served as a compass for his success!

Ep9. A convo with Chef Scotty Scott

Ep9. This interview was conducted on the innovative and very popular influencer Chef Scotty Scott of @CookDrankEat. This former attorney shared his experiences in the oil & gas industry, as well as the culinary world. Topics ranged from food artistry and the recipe for success, to Dolemite & 90s basketball!

Ep8. A convo with Dr. Tyus, Pastor, Inspirational Speaker, Life Strategist, Professor, Realtor

Ep8. This interview was conducted on the sought-after and award-winning inspirational speaker, author, and life strategist Dr. Tyus. He is a pastor, licensed realtor, professor, principal owner of Tyus Consulting, and founder & director of The I.D. Movement. Some of the topics discussed were mentorship, self-discovery, following your gifts & passion, and discovering your purpose.

Ep7. A convo with Mr. Rogers, Senior Kentico Developer

This interview was conducted on the astute and resilient Mr. Rogers. We discussed how to navigate yourself through a successful career in IT, how to utilize free tools to get the skills you need, the benefits of being a self-starter, and how this dedicated family man fought through a rare health condition. 

Ep6. A convo with Mr. Wicks, IT Consultant / Programmer

This interview was conducted on the sharp tech enthusiast, Mr. Wicks. Some of the topics discussed were the driving force behind making wise decisions in life, how to maximize productivity through time management, working hard early on so you get to play later, setting realistic goals when life situations alter the finish line, and the creativity involved in working your projects.

Ep5. A convo with Mr. Jackson, Academic Advisor & Co-Owner KBJ Academy

This interview was conducted on the genial and perceptive Mr. Jackson. Some of the topics discussed were spirituality, the power of education, overcoming socioeconomic barriers growing up, sports as a conduit for growth, the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, and the value of black love. 

Ep4. A convo with Mr. McGuire, Fraud Investigator

This interview was conducted on the intelligent and articulate Mr. McGuire. Some of the topics discussed were the importance of education, HBCUs, the value of being relational, humanity, and the recent events regarding police brutality from a former law enforcement perspective. 

Ep3. A convo with Mr. Toney, Sr. Development Programmer.

This interview was conducted on the profound and insightful Mr. Toney. Some of the topics discussed were the field of information technology, navigating work/family life, and the influence of spirituality on your perspective.  

Ep2. A convo with Mr. Watson-Millett, Sr. Customs Broker.

This interview was conducted on the charismatic Mr. Millett. Some of the topics covered were the field of logistics, refereeing part-time, The Town, how to travel, being yourself, and positive ways to keep your brain engaged.

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