Mr. Millett is a Sr. Customs Broker that works in international logistics. He is a proud father, an Army veteran, an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and has a Bachelors’s in Business Administration (B.B.A).

During the interview we discussed the various paths through the field of logistics; from starting at the ground level (with and without degrees), on through upper management. Mr. Millett is also a referee and shared some of his experiences from pee-wee through high school, and as a replay technician for the Big12.

Many topics were discussed, including his philosophy on teaching young black men how to travel…

“What we need to preach is immersing yourself in other cultures…that’s what teaches you those interpersonal skills to deal with other people”

< scavenger hunt from the interview >

A native of Oakland, Mr. Millett advised young black men need to be true to themselves and take chances regarding their career & business goals by suggesting…

Build a strong network…that enables you to jump out a little bit!

Mr. Millett is also an avid reader. He continued to leave wisdom by sharing ways to keep your brain engaged, and gave an example of himself taking advantage of free instruction such as the COVID-19 Contact Tracing audit course offered by John Hopkins University. Many of the top institutions like Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Northwestern, Duke, etc. all offer free courses covering a wide array of topics. This information is just a Google search away.  

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