Stagnant and sore at my desk, I decided to use my lunch break to do a few calisthenics in the garage and get the blood moving (that was the old folks’ way of saying improve your circulation). The garage door was partially open, framing a light sprinkle, and allowing a pleasant breeze to flow through. Despite not feeling particularly well, I made a conscious effort to take charge of my mood and I was determined to treasure hunt the beauty I could find throughout that day. Within that moment of thankfulness, I made a spontaneous decision to revert to my childhood and go play in the rain. I hopped on my son’s mountain bike and rode up and down the block, aiming for every puddle in sight.

I’m sure my brief tryst with water puddles doesn’t qualify as a legit cardio workout, however, if you’re looking for an exciting new way to get into shape, it may be worth investing in a bike. Cycling is a phenomenal exercise with many benefits: improves your mental well-being, promotes weight loss, builds muscle, betters lung health, cuts heart disease and cancer risk, is low impact, saves time, improves navigational skills, improves your sex life, sleep better, boosts your brainpower, improves handling and spacial awareness, and strengthens your immune system (Cycling Weekly).

Albeit I didn’t stay outside long enough to reap some of the cycling benefits, I was able to recharge my battery enough to get through the workday. So the next time you find yourself lethargic or have a challenging day, take 20 mins and invest in your health! Refer to positive memories from your childhood that motivate you to get active. A little bit over 3 weeks can turn into a long-term healthy habit!

Stay healthy!

Dr. J

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